Tuesdays With Dorie – Baking with Julia: Brioche Tart with White Secret Sauce

Brioche 6

This week, I made a golden brioche topped with a crème fraiche custard and served with a chilled sabayon and caramel-poached fruit! Decadent? (Yes.) Labor-intensive? (Yes.) Worth it? (YES!)

The first step is to make the brioche dough.  After mixing it and letting it go through two rises (one on the counter and one in the refrigerator), you shape the dough and let it rise once more.  Fit it inside a flan ring, fill it with a simple custard made of crème fraiche and egg, put an egg wash on the crust, top with sugar, and bake!


Brioche dough, shaped and ready to go

Brioche 4

~Straight Outta the Oven~

Brioche 3

The Sabayon (aka White Secret Sauce)

The sauce is made with caramelized sugar and white wine syrup whisked into egg yolks until voluminous. Whipped cream is folded in for even more volume.

Brioche 2

Top with the chilled sabayon and caramel-wine poached fruit.  I used a mixture of raisins, prunes, and dried apricots.

Brioche 5

I loved this recipe! It has definitely been added to the list of favorites!  I thought it was well worth the work.  I actually used greek yogurt instead of the creme fraiche for my custard, and it was delicious.  I thought it added a mellow tartness that complimented the sweetness of the other components. The flavors meld wonderfully.  The sweet, lighter notes of the sauce, syrup, and fruit balance the dense, rich brioche.  If you don’t have an insatiable sweet tooth like me, you may want to add more brightness and acidity to balance the sabayon.  I would recommend poaching a blend of your favorite fresh fruits.  Peaches are great for Summer, and apples or pears would be great for Autumn and Winter.  All of the tart was eaten on the day it was made (can you tell we liked it? haha).  I still have plenty of syrup and fruit leftover.  I’m thinking about baking up some shortcakes, whipping the rest of the cream in my refrigerator, and using the cream and poached fruit as a topping.

Here is a video from the series detailing the whole process.

You can find out who else made this recipe and what they thought here


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